Welcome To Bharat Ayurvedic Rasayanagar
Our main mission is to make patient free from diseased, we never present our self for any commercial approach to the patient as soon as they are coming for treatment. As such the patient comes for treatment they should not be given any medicine at very first, instead of that we should have effort to find out the main reason or enemy behind of the disease & actual reason of that particular point of enimity with the body. By this habit we always effort first to remove the negative fooding, leaving & working habits at the same time we try to attach the good habits fooding & helpful environment which is beneficial to the patient.
The Bharat Ayurvedic Rasayanagar & Research centre of Dhanbad which is under the State of Jharkhand is trying to find out a solution for the various types of disease by its own capacity. A combined form of “AYURVEDIC MESSAGE OIL & YOGA” which is already introduced in the as “AYUG”. AYUG = Ayurvedic Message Oil + Yoga
Since long we have started various type of proffesional massage training for man, woman& children. There will be various kind of training of female related diseases which can be treated by the application of AYUG:-
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